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NIHS (Nepal Institute of Human Sexuality) is an institution established for academic activities, trainings, research based and full time post graduate diploma, master and doctorate programs in the field of human sexuality. It is affiliated to South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (SAIHS, IRP).

It also provides ample opportunities for paramedical practitioners and medical graduate practitioners to improve and uplift their career by acquiring membership and fellowship in the field of human sexuality.

Not only that, as human sexuality is an integrated and intertransactional science on its own merit with its own field of study, basic theory and praxis theory; scholars and graduates from other fields can also join this institute by means of enrolling themselves in the diploma and degree programs of SAIHS through this institute.

Its mass educational programs related to human sexuality are designed for the common men and women.


About SAIHS (South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality)

The foundation of universe is on sexology. Nature created male and female characteristics in the all living things. In the human being, sex is a superlative aspect of life. Everybody is capable of sexual relationships. People are very fond of the pleasures of love. Good sexual health assures a delightful life, because sexual energy is the fountainhead of physical and psychological capabilities. The successes of life are enhanced by a pleasant sexual life. A heartwarming marital life brightens the other aspects of our lives.

Although the modern world has the most advanced societies and technology, most of the people still have a lack of understanding on the subject of sexual relationships. If someone has a sexual problem or is deprived of sexual expression, he/she might a lack of self-confidence in everyday life. This might lead to the person being unsuccessful in his/her family, society and profession. His/her spouse may be attracted to someone else. A long period of sexual inactivity will interrupt their relationship and domestic quarrels could take place recurrently. Often, the couple will separate or divorce. Consequently, the family is split apart and their children may suffer from psychological disorders.

Suicide is a common problem in all societies. Some recent research suggests that a high proportion of suicides have an unsatisfactory sexual life. To live a satisfactory and zestful life, it is mandatory for someone to maintain a healthy and strong sexuality. For that purpose, special guidance and treatments can be provided.

To pursue the above objectives, the South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (SAIHS) was founded in the sub-continent of Asia. SAIHS is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization.


  • To provide the facilities for professional degree and diploma level education, research and sexology training for professionals in cooperation with international universities and institutions. These professionals will be capable of providing proper treatment and accurate counselling to sexually sick peoples regarding their sexual disorders. Sexuality professionals will also create awareness about human sexuality amongst populace.
  • To provide proper treatment and counselling to everyone, so that they can maintain their sexual lives successfully and graciously, and thereby enhance the quality of their relationships with their spouses.


The World Health Organization encouraged the development of sexology as a field of study in its own right. (WHO, 1975 And 2001). Human sexuality should be encouraged to develop as an autonomous discipline. Country and regional resource centers should be established to provide consultation and assistance in programmes of training, production of educational materials, research, and therapy related to sexuality.


South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (SAIHS) is member institute of The World Association for Sexual Health (WAS).

The World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) is an international umbrella organization representing sexological institutes and sexologists worldwide.

The WAS main goal is to promote sexual health for all through sexological science.

SAIHS diplomas and degrees are internationally recognized. It has been working also in collaboration with worldwide institutions for accomplishing the objectives regarding all-inclusive sexual well-being of general masses and human sexuality studies programme.

Visiting Professor of Sexology

Professor DR. R. Y. Jalali
M.D., M.P.H. , Ph.D. (Clinical Sexologist)
Nepal Institute of Human Sexuality (NIHS)
Professor of sexology
South Asain Insitute for Human Sexuality (IRP)
Academy for Sexology (SA)

Dr. Subodh Kumar Pokharel
MBBS, M. Phil. (H.C.), M.H.S., Member ISSM, FSAIHS
Clinical Sexologist and Sexotherapist
Mata Manakamana Arogya Kendra and Sexolgist Doctor's Clinic, Kathmandu and Dharmeshwor Hospital, Dharampur (Saptari)
Founding Director
Nepal Institute of Human Sexuality (NIHS)
Associate Professor
Nepal Institute of Human Sexuality (NIHS)
South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (IRP)